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Mechanical engineering is a combination of mathematics, science, and computing. Mechanical engineers are in charge of creating the world we know.
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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle

This course comes up with basic to advanced knowledge and hands-on experience in design, simulation, analysis, calibration, and operating characteristics of HEV.

CNC Programming

Understand the fundamentals of CNC programming which involves M-code, G-code, and other basic elements, Get trained and transform yourself as a professional CNC programmer.

Car Designing

This course delivers the design concepts of cars, practical knowledge, Mastering mechanical terms which contribute to efficiency, the ideal design also the overall performance


Understand the theoretical and practical aspects of designs, get trained to improvise your designing ideas, and analytical thinking, Transform yourself into a professional designer.

IC Engine

Learn the fundamentals of how the design and internal combustion engine helps to improve the efficiency and overall performance
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